translated from Spanish: AMLO boasts records in his government

Trusting that he will win the revocation of mandate, boasting records in economic matters; the fight against corruption, which has halted privatisations; highlighting the success of the vaccination plan and ensuring that it has fulfilled 98 of the 100 commitments of his administration, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador delivered his Third Government Report.
He assured that half of his government “could leave through the big door of the Presidency” and satisfied with what has been achieved in these 2 years 9 months.
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“It is so important what has been achieved so far, that I could leave the Presidency right now, without feeling bad about my conscience,” he said.
He stressed that he has only two pending: decentralize the federal government and know the whole truth about the disappearance of the young people of Ayotzinapa.
López Obrador said that his government stopped privatizations in the energy sector in its tracks and stopped delivering concessions to individuals, mainly in mines, water, hospitals, ports, railways, beaches, prisons and public works.

During his message, he said that he will promote this month a constitutional reform initiative to repair the “serious damage” generated by the privatization of the public sector in the electricity industry.
“Have to learn”
President Andrés Manuel López Obrador boasted historical records in at least seven areas of economy and security.
According to the president, in the 2 years with 9 months he has been in government, records have been broken never before seen in: remittances, foreign investment, increase in the minimum wage; in the non-devaluation of the peso, in no increase in debt, in increase of the Stock Exchange Index and in reserves of the Bank of Mexico.
“It’s like to show off to the four winds,” he said; “it’s like telling neoliberal technocrats: have it to learn.”

“Have to learn,” President @lopezobrador_ told the “neoliberal technocrats,” after listing different “historical records” during his third year in office.
— Animal Politico (@Pajaropolitico) September 1, 2021

He began by highlighting that foreign investment in the first half of 2021 was 18,433 million dollars, 2.6% higher than that registered in the same period last year and the “best in the history of the country.”
López Obrador assured that no additional public debt had been contracted and that the Mexican peso has not been devalued throughout his administration; also that the minimum wage increased in real terms by 44%, something that had not happened in three decades.
“The contributions made by our migrant countrymen to their families in Mexico have grown like never before,” he added, “Today the Bank of Mexico has just announced that July remittances reached 4,540 million dollars; it’s a monthly record.” In this note we tell you if that is an achievement or not of the government. 

“Have to learn,” President @lopezobrador_ told the “neoliberal technocrats,” after listing different “historical records” during his third year in office.
— Animal Politico (@Pajaropolitico) September 1, 2021

“The transformation is underway and although it is necessary to continue exposing the great neoliberal farce and the change of mentality of the people, we are also banishing vices and dishonest practices,” he said at the beginning of his message.
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