translated from Spanish: After the lost Copa America final, Gabigol spoke: “It’s not a rematch”

Flamengo striker and Brazilian striker Gabriel Barbosa, or better known as Gabigol, referred to this afternoon’s match between Argentina and Brazil and said that “it will not be a rematch” after the Albicelete team wins the Copa America on July 10 at the Maracanã stadium. the nine, who in the remembered final entered the second half and failed to generate danger in the goal defended by Emiliano Martínez, expanded: “We have a great coaching staff, which happens to us things that we can use in the next game. But it’s another time, it’s for Playoffs. It’s another game. There is no revenge.”

On the other hand, he referred to the terrible playing field of Chile, where they won 1-0 last Thursday, and was optimistic that this afternoon’s is in better condition: “It’s another game, honestly. I think against Chile there were some shots where the grass got in the way a bit. When it comes to dominating the ball, we only have to dominate it once and against Chile we had to try two or three times and that makes us waste time (…) It’s great to play on a good pitch, you get excited and the quality of both teams increases.” The two selected arrive undefeated at the crossing this afternoon, with the difference that Brazil won the seven matches played and leads the standings with an ideal score (21 points), while Argentina – which comes from beating Venezuela by 3 to 1 – drew in three meetings and marches as the only escort (15).

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