translated from Spanish: L-Ghent: “A narco is not a narco because of marijuana”

Elian Valenzuela, the popular singer recognized as L-Ghent resumed his position on the legalization of marijuana. And this week the young man was one of the most commented news when responding to the statements of the pre-candidate for deputy for the City of Buenos Aires, María Eugenia Vidal in the cycle of interviews Filo.Elecciones.” It’s one thing to smoke a joint in Palermo on a Saturday night, with friends, relaxed or with your partner or alone. And it is another thing to live in Zabaleta’s 21-24, in 1-11-14, surrounded by narcos, and to be offered a joint without opportunities, without going to school or having left it. They are two completely different paths,” said the former governor of the Province of Buenos Aires in dialogue with Julio Leiva. Faced with these statements, the neighborhood was trending on Twitter.

This Sunday, present at Lunch with Mirtha Legrand, led by Juana Viale, L-Gante encouraged debate on the program. “One thing I wanted, being here where there are minds and minds, what do they think of the legalization of marijuana?” asked the singer at a table composed of the pre-candidate for deputy of Vamos con Vos for the province of Buenos Aires, Florencio Randazzo, the journalist Osvaldo Bazán and the host Chechu Bonelli.

I feel that the subject is talked about a lot of. They guide a young man thinking that I am a fool and I am an example in life, you can not lie to me. A narco is not a narco because of marijuana,” he replied again in reference to Vidal’s statements.While Randazzo expressed his “doubts” regarding the issue, L-Ghent considered “not making word games to look good or bad,” pointing to the campaigns and electoral promises.

María Eugenia Vidal in Filo.Elecciones”One thing is to fall into drugs, another is not to have a job or education. They are very different things. As I could have drugs I could have education and work. I never smoked marijuana before going to work, I always showed myself ugly to let the boss know. That comes from control. Like today, it comes to the respected table fresh like a lettuce. There are people who have jobs, a luxury family and drugs,” he said.

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