translated from Spanish: New York Governor Calls for Declaration of “Major Disaster” due to Hurricane Ida Impact

The petition seeks that Washington provide funds to support those affected and to repair infrastructure and public buildings, among other things.” New Yorkers are still recovering from the damage in the communities of the south of the state and this request that I have signed and forwarded to President (Joe) Biden can secure the financial resources that correspond to the New Yorkers who suffered unimaginable devastation as a result of the storm,” Hochul said at a news conference. Biden has already offered federal assistance and the declaration of a “major disaster” would open the door for the government to help families whose homes have been affected by the floods, including those who did not have insurance for such catastrophes. According to the governor, initial analyses have already identified damage to at least 1,200 homes worth more than $50 million. The US president is scheduled to visit New York and neighboring New Jersey next Tuesday to see first-hand the havoc caused by Ida, which hit the area last Wednesday after having previously caused significant damage in the southeast of the country. New Jersey was the worst state stopped, with 25 confirmed deaths, while in New York there were at least 17 fatalities, many of them people drowned in illegal apartments located in basements, mainly in the district of Queens.Hochul also announced today that he will direct 378 million dollars of funds previously provided by the federal administration to improve the protection of infrastructure against weather disasters.

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