translated from Spanish: Del Mazo asks legislature to promote agenda for RECOVERY BY COVID

Given the social and economic effects derived from the COVID-19 pandemic, the governor of the State of Mexico Alfredo del Mazo Maza called on the new state legislature, which was installed on September 5, to promote agendas that allow reducing inequalities exacerbated by the contingency, giving priority to economic recovery and guaranteeing respect for our rights and freedoms.
During the opening of the First Ordinary Period of Sessions of the LXI State Legislature, to which the Mexican governor was invited, the president acknowledged that the pandemic has left important challenges, however, they have managed to recover activities, resume face-to-face education and reactivate the economy, but those who are elected officials and represent the Powers of the State, they must act responsibly and united by the generosity and solidarity required in this situation.  
He also mentioned that the current circumstances require that the public authorities work hand in hand, above any difference, so, he said, the new parliamentary balances will allow to build collective decisions that meet the present and future challenges.  

“First of all, we are Mexicans. Let us recognize ourselves as such, and united, let us give the country an example of civility, responsibility and commitment. Working together, the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches, we will make coincidence, the basis of our progress; of understanding, the reason behind our achievements; and respect, the foundation of the unity that identifies and makes us all proud,” he said.
According to the most recent figures, the Edomex Congress made up of 75 legislators is made up of the following: 27 deputies from Morena, 23 from the PRI, 11 from the PAN, 4 from the New Alliance, 3 from the PRD, 3 from the PT, 2 from the Citizen Movement and 2 from the Green Party.
The head of the State Executive stressed that the political composition of the LXI Legislature of the State of Mexico is the result of an electoral process where more than 6 million 700 thousand Mexicans participated, which reflects the strengthening of electoral competition in the state, since the citizens showed maturity and in a climate of peace, he cast his vote responsibly and tolerantly.

Given this scenario, Del Mazo affirmed that democracy is diversity that unites and strengthens, so he will maintain a respectful, constant and constructive dialogue with the Legislative and Judicial Branches.
“In the State of Mexico, we know how to channel our plurality in a peaceful and institutional way, that the commitment is with the will of the majority, and that democracy is diversity that unites and strengthens us,” he said.
The Mexican legislature will have a female majority with 38 local deputies, and in this situation the state president expressed his appreciation to the deputies, since they will have an equal participation in the formation of Congress, and maintained that together, with sensitivity and conviction, opportunities for the personal development of women will continue to be generated.
She added that women assume the responsibility of building a just society, with equal development conditions, so the challenge is to consolidate the objectives of the Gender Agenda promoted by the state administration, the Legislative and Judicial Powers, which takes up issues in terms of inclusion and non-discrimination, equal access to social services, labor equity and the prevention and containment of domestic violence. 
“You, with conviction, have launched a collective social action with the purpose of asserting and respecting your rights, and thereby transforming the society of the twenty-first century. As I said, this is the time of women. With courage and firmness, they have assumed the responsibility of building a just society, in which we all have equal conditions of development,” he said.
Del Mazo stressed that together with the Judiciary, the Mexican justice system will be consolidated, while with the experience and participation of academia and civil society, the reduction of inequality gaps will be promoted and the quality of life will be improved and the integration of the communities will be promoted.
The president added that with the productive sector there is the challenge of recovering economic dynamism, so it is necessary to have a cutting-edge regulatory framework that attracts innovative projects and consolidates investment as a mechanism to generate employment. 
These objectives, he said, require the institutional support of the members of the LXI Legislature of the State of Mexico and indicated that the Mexican Congress is the space of diáloSo that the deputies who start work will be able to improve the quality of the institutions and the well-being of the families, privileging the common good and putting the collective interest before the particular interests, working with a willingness to cooperate and to build consensus where all points of view are taken into account. 
Del Mazo added that one of the central issues for the First Regular Period of Sessions will be the analysis, modification and approval of the Budget Package corresponding to Fiscal Year 2022, which, he stressed, will propose a responsible budget that strengthens the delivery of social programs, the capacities of the health system, the protection of women’s rights and public security strategies.
He mentioned that in social matters, the commitment is to intensify actions against poverty, and that the best way to promote equal social development is with employment, so that the advantages of the entity as an investment destination are strengthened and promoted, underpinning its levels of competitiveness and its potential as a logistics platform.
He commented that it is a priority to consolidate the program of institutional strengthening of the security and justice corporations, and announced that during his administration a dignified and modern police has been built, better equipped, with technological support and with the coordination of the three orders of Government to carry out operations throughout the state territory.
In addition, preventing, addressing and punishing inequality and gender-based violence is central to security objectives, and is an indispensable condition for achieving just, equitable and inclusive development. 
For this reason, he said, in the Edoméx the Executive Branch maintains a respectful, constant and constructive dialogue with the Legislative Power, and recognized the willingness of the LXI Legislature to walk together for the good of the entity and find the solutions that the entity requires. 
“In the State of Mexico, the Executive Branch maintains a respectful, constant and constructive dialogue with the Legislative Branch,” he said.
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