translated from Spanish: International media echo the false cancer of the conventional Rodrigo Rojas Vade

The news of the false cancer of the conventional Rodrigo Rojas Vade went around the world. His confession over the weekend in which he acknowledged that he does not suffer from this disease was highlighted in several media around the world.
El País de España, BBC, Panam Post, La República and Infobae were some of the media that echoed the confession of Rojas Vade, who stood out as a candidate precisely for his fight against this disease.
The Spanish media, for example, highlighted the leadership that the conventional had in the social outbreak, “with a discourse based on its own history: the fight against a leukemia that led it to ruin and that exposed the inequalities of the health system in the country.”
Meanwhile, bbc described the news as a “scandal” and emphasized that Rodrigo Rojas “became one of the founders of the People’s List, a group of left-wing independents that burst into the constituent elections last May (it was the third most voted force) and whose victory was interpreted as the rejection of the traditional parties. His campaign and speech were articulated around his illness, which he spoke about in several interviews.”
In a more critical tone, Panam Post noted in its note that the conventional “deceived everyone. To his family, partner, friends and the voters who led him to be one of the seven removable vice presidents of the Constitutional Convention of Chile that will draft the new Magna Carta, with Elisa Loncón and Jaime Bassa at the helm, as president and main vice president, respectively. He lied to the country. Rodrigo Rojas shouted that he suffered from cancer and was fighting against this disease that broke him economically due to the inequalities of the system. He said that over and over again. But it wasn’t true.”
In Peru they also highlighted the news about the false cancer of Rodrigo Rojas Vade. The newspaper La República reported that “due to his alleged cancer, Rojas made an impact during the hardest days of the social outbreak of October 2019 when he demonstrated in Plaza Italia, in the center of the protests in Santiago, with his head shaved and without eyebrows, very thin and even with a catheter exposed in his wrists and chest. In a blog and in interviews with the press, he said at the time that he was pausing his treatments, including chemotherapy, to participate in the country’s historic moment.”
Finally, the Infobae portal pointed out that “the confessed lie of Rojas Vade, one of the seven members of the board of directors of the Constituent Convention, is the latest scandal in a series of errors and frauds that in 70 days have sunk the People’s List, a heterogeneous group of people unknown to each other but united by the desire to change Chile, and that surprised the traditional parties of the left and right in May by winning 27 of the 155 seats in the body.”

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