translated from Spanish: Lali palpitating the final of La Voz Argentina: “He did nothing but reaffirm the meaning of my life”

Lali Espósito is beating the final of La Voz Argentina. This Sunday from 22.00 hours, through the screen of Telefé, will be the decisive instance that by vote of the public will choose which young person will become the talent that represents the country in the 2021 edition of the television cycle. ” La Voz Argentina did nothing but reaffirm the meaning of my life. That this experience has come at this time in the world and allows me to enter their homes every day to make them disconnect, connect, laugh and get excited is unique to me, “said the artist in the previous to the farewell of the show through her social networks with a tour of images that characterize her step.

Message from Lali in the countdown of the final of La Voz Argentina | Twitter

“I find it hard to put into words what it was like for me to do this program but I will try (…). Music is healing and this program was that balm we all needed.
Eternally grateful to the production and to my wonderful colleagues in front of and behind the camera”, she continues to recount what these times were like for her, in which she worked “non-stop” and slept very little. From the set of the music studio, to the filming of her new series, and then to go to the channel, Lali defines as enormous the satisfaction she feels. “Not just for the privilege of doing what I love, but for every word of love from you on the street and on social media. That makes it all worthwhile,” he said.

Lali in La Voz Argentina | Photo: Instagram @lalioficial

“Adding a small grain of sand in the professional and personal life of each talent that went through this program was my goal. Just as each of them left something powerful in me! I learned, laughed and cried so much. THANK YOU to each person who accepted me and let me be part of their daily life from THE TV! I grew up on this TV channel. I go through those corridors and I look small, dreaming of being ‘a star’, doing what I like. And to be occupying this important chair today is a dream (more) fulfilled in my artistic path!
Congratulations to each colleague who is part of this huge program and to each talent who passed leaving everything!”, continues his post. Thanking his fellow jurors, Soledad Pastorutti, Ricardo Montaner and Mau & Ricky, as well as Marley and Stefi Roitman and behind-the-scenes staff, he closed: “I’m going to miss sooo much everything! But there we will continue to meet. New music is coming. Amazing things are coming!”
Nicolás Olmedo is the one who will represent the artist and jury in her team in the last program. Oriunod de Apóstoles, Misiones, began singing watching novels and music videos, but as he was very embarrassed to sing in public, his debut was in a church. He is 24 years old, an English teacher; he also plays guitar and piano. 

Team Lali | Photo: Instagram @lalioficial

This is the third time he has appeared at the casting to enter the program, a program in which he reached the final. Although he was not always part of team Lali. In the blind auditions, he was chosen by Mau & Ricky, although the singer-songwriter of “Soy” and “Boomerang” stole it in the round of battles.

Nicolás will face Francisco Benítez, who works in an electric cooperative, and has a stutter; by Team Montaner to the 26-year-old psychologist Ezequiel Pedraza, while for Team Mau & Ricky will seek to win the grand prize Luz Gaggi, 19 years old who broke records of reproductions on youtube that exceeded 1 million visits.

Lali with Mau and Ricky | Photo: Instagram @lalioficial

The career of Lali, who continues to full with his music and with the performance will continue with the realization of another series. Recall that year premiered the first two seasons of “Sky Red”, which confirmed a third part for Netflix. Now, he is on recordings of “The End of Love,” which will adapt the best-selling book of the same name by philosopher and writer Tamara Tenenbaum, for Amazon Prime Video.
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