translated from Spanish: Protest on Route 5 South: protester accuses eye injury for acting of Carabineros

A woman claimed eye injuries after Carabineros personnel threw pepper spray at her, she said, in the middle of a demonstration on Route 5 South, at the height of Ercilla, Region of La Araucanía. The protest was carried out by Mapuche communities, who denounced the deplorable state of the interior roads of the commune.
Protesters cut off the route from north to south, setting up tire barricades and burning branches. After the actions of the Carabineros, and after the damage caused to the woman, she was transferred to the Family Health Center of Ercilla, slogan Radio Bío Bío.
On the state of the roads, the presidential delegate Víctor Manoli said that the maintenance of the roads has been hindered by roadblocks and burning of vehicles that have entered the sector, he told the aforementioned media.
“We have entered on several occasions with the support of the communities (…) There are people who do not want the roads to be fixed, but the vast majority of them are the ones who claim,” he added.
Information circulated on social networks that a woman had an eye injury from the impact of a Carabineros pellet. However, the institution denied the information, noting that no pellets were used in the procedure.

Carabineros disperses demonstration.

Video via Twitter: @CarabAraucania

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