translated from Spanish: Victoria Tolosa Paz: “Luck is tied to how we resolve the exit with the IMF”

The Buenos Aires pre-candidate of the Frente de Todos, Victoria Tolosa Paz, participated in the series of interviews that Julio Leiva conducted for Filo.News in the run-up to the PASO elections. The former head of the National Council for the Coordination of Social Policies established the government’s priority for the next two years in Congress, spoke of Cristina Kirchner and Alberto Fernández, the weight of debt, the young vote and much more. 

When asked about her first project if elected deputy, Tolosa Paz explained that it will be aimed at “reactivating investments in the sectors that invest in Argentina.” What do we think we have to do in Argentina? Encourage there to be more value at origin to, instead of exporting only grains, be able to export a finished product that has, of course, science and technology in that procedure, “said Tolosa Paz.On her candidacy, motorized by President Alberto Fernández, the platense leader said that she received the news the day that Argentina beat Brazil in the final of the Copa America. 

“It was 15 days before, the first time and then, of course, a series of data that showed that it was so, until the Friday morning before the list I met with Cristina and already on Saturday was the official announcement,” he said in the interview with Filo.News. Speaking of the vice president, Tolosa Paz highlighted Cristina Kirchner’s “leadership” for women who do politics: “She is such a leader for us that she was the one who gave us the key to get out of what the catastrophe of Macri and Vidal in the province of Buenos Aires.” He added: “When we did badly, that driver was also the one who got us out of that situation and took us out in the best way because she took us out of her leadership.” Asked about the photo of Olivos and the scandal generated, Tolosa Paz said that in her tours of the province of Buenos Aires only one person “mentioned” that issue. “There is a hope, to the exit and to want to move forward, that makes many times we do not stop at that and that the request for forgiveness of the president, I hope I have penetrated deep into many of the people who understood that it was a mistake that should not happen and that there was an apology,” he said. The fate of argentines is tied to how we resolve the exit with the International Monetary Fund,” said Tolosa Paz when talking about the debt with the international credit agency. The pre-candidate for deputy valued the agreement with the private creditors of 2020 and said that “we are one of those who think that first we have to grow, develop to start paying that debt that is not at the expense of, as we say, the blood, sweat and tears of the Argentine people.” Tolosa Paz said that a significant percentage of young people “are being co-opted by the discourse of the liberals,” although he considered that it is a phenomenon “that grows especially in large cities such as the City of Buenos Aires.”
“I don’t see it so much in the interior, I don’t see it so much in the Buenos Aires suburbs, where Peronism and Kirchnerism penetrated deeply into the heart of a youth that embraced important years,” he said. Asked about recreational marijuana, she said that there is “encouraging us to legislate” the issue in Argentina: “I think it is a debate that we have to give, because if it happens what we have to do is legislate so that it happens with the least possible damage.” Speaking about the green agenda and the environmental issue, Tolosa Paz considered that the priority for the government is “to achieve the transformation of the productive matrix with an agenda that builds a solid productive structure.”

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