translated from Spanish: When Silvia Pinal posed with nothing on a pool table

Silvia Pinal, 89 years old, remains one of the living legends of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema and her career has been full of successes. One of her jobs in addition to acting was modeling and on one occasion Alejandra Guzmán’s mother posed totally naked on a pool table where she is seen body. It was in 1978 when Silvia Pinal who was at the top of fame climbed on a pool table to wear a very flirtatious pose and be portrayed stealing thousands of looks. And it is that Silvia Pinal has always been seen as a very sexy woman at that time, even several heartthrobs walked with her because she was the woman of the moment with an indescribable beauty. Silvia Pinal without any clothes on a pool table / Courtesy As if that were not enough, the Mexican star has also been characterized by having a unique demeaure, because her way of dressing and speaking have given more popularity to her person. Although life has given a lot to Silvia Pinal has also suffered very strong blows among them the family lawsuit that her daughter Alejandra Guzmán is currently living with Frida Sofía.It is worth mentioning that Silvia Pinal despite being an older woman continues to remain very jovial, because in the last interviews she has done she has shown it. Read more: Veronica Perasso walks around her house in white lingerie her biggest fantasy

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