translated from Spanish: Conanaco asks that private initiative be allowed to sell vaccines against Covid-19

The Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Concanaco Servytur, asked the federal government to allow the sale of vaccines against Covid-19, to accelerate the immunization process throughout the country. Through a statement, the president of the Confederation, José Manuel López Campos said that allowing this recommendation would help families who have the resources, acquire the dose on their own and thereby help reduce the health problem. He added that vaccination will be a recurrent and periodic process to keep the population with a higher level of protection. Given this, he recommended that governments and medical laboratories agree on the commercial opening of vaccines in Mexico, as he considered “Conanaco asks that private initiative be allowed to sell vaccines against Covid-19.” Regarding Pfizer’s announcement about the commercialization of its vaccine in Mexico, the leader mentioned that there is still no precise date for it to start this process. And he added that as time has passed with the pandemic, preventive measures have become more widespread since we have to get used to the new normal. Read more: Streaming platforms welcome tax increase in Mexico “The restriction measures were taken to reduce infections, because there were no vaccines or much knowledge of the measures that would really be effective to avoid infections, but now the National Vaccination Program is advancing and health protocols and prevention actions are widespread.” They risk their lives to save BABY trapped in currents of Ecatepec

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