translated from Spanish: She abandons her son in a hostel in Bolivia and disappears for a week

23-year-old Naiara left her two-year-old son in a hostel in La Paz, Bolivia, then disappeared for a week, fortunately she was found with good. The young woman began to travel with her two-year-old son since October 2020, however last week the child was abandoned in a hostel in La Paz, Bolivia.During the trip the young woman always communicated with her family through Facebook that she was in Argentina, but from one moment to the next they no longer knew anything about her. A woman named Gladys dialed naiara’s family from Bolivia where she said that the young woman had left the hostel and that she had abandoned her two-year-old son and that she was accompanied by a man, so the minor was left in charge of the authorities of that country. After the call the mother, an uncle and his grandfather moved to Bolivia to recover the child infant, and help in the search for Naiara, which fortunately was located with good this Monday, September 6, now it remains for the child to be formally recovered. Naiara and the man they were traveling with suffer from addictions, this being the second relapse of the young woman, so she will be treated by a specialist.” Holaaaa I had disappeared a few days ago. Here I am again. Thank you to my family for coming here! Cousin @marcosromero, mom and grandfather,” the young woman wrote on social networks. Read more: Carito was one year old, she was beaten and abused in Jerez, Zacatecas, she fought for her life but diedWhen the young woman disappeared her family was scared since days before she had told them that she had intentions of returning to San Pedro, where she is originally from, since she had had a fight with her traveling companion, so she asked her to go and look for her at La Quiaca in Jujuy.

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