translated from Spanish: Segob’s budget reduced for human rights protection

The Draft Budget of Expenditures of the Federation (PPEF) for 2022 contemplates a reduction of resources in areas of the Ministry of the Interior dedicated to promoting and protecting the human rights of various sectors of the population.
The Segob — recently assumed by the governor of Tabasco, Adán Augusto López — will allocate fewer resources to address its powers to shelter migrants, combat discrimination, eradicate violence against women or address children’s rights.
A comparison between the expenditure approved this year and the PPEF 2022 shows that the agency, in past years considered a ‘super-secretary’, applied budget cuts in the field of human rights, and that, in the best of cases, it will exercise practically the same expenditure as this year.

To elaborate the comparison, using this calculator developed by Fundar, Animal Político applied a deflator to the expenditure approved for 2021, a procedure that consists of adding the value of inflation to the budget, in order to “update” it at this year’s prices and be able to compare it with the 2022 project. This procedure makes it possible to see in which cases there was a budget reduction in real terms, even if, in absolute numbers, it seems that there was an increase.
One of the most notable cases is in the budget of the Mexican Commission for Refugee Aid (Comar), which, in real terms, suffered a cut, in the midst of the migration crisis at the southern border due to the massive arrival of people fleeing violence in their countries.
In the PEF of 2021, this body had an approved budget of 44 million 427 thousand 552 pesos; for next year, it is proposed to have an expenditure of 45 million 667 thousand 372 pesos, which represents a reduction of 0.58% in real terms.

The National Council to Prevent Discrimination (Conapred), which has not been in office for more than a year, will go from having a budget of 138 million 262 thousand 478 pesos in 2021 to 142 million 742 million 448 pesos, a cut in real terms of 0.15%.
The National System for the Integral Protection of Children and Adolescents (Sipinna), which has also not been in place since February, will have in 2022 a cut to its spending in real terms of 1.8%, going from 68 million 684 thousand 001 pesos allocated for this year to 69 million 926 thousand 313 pesos.
Another area of Segob with drastic cuts in real terms will be the Commission for Dialogue with Indigenous Peoples, which this year exercised an expenditure of 14 million 942 thousand 762 pesos and for 2022 a budget of 12 million 800 thousand 348 pesos is proposed, a real reduction of 17.1%.
The Unit for the Attention of Social Organizations and the General Directorate of Liaison with Civil Society Organizations will have next year a joint budget of 19 million 568 thousand 495 pesos, a reduction of 8.08% compared to the 20 million 589 thousand 952 pesos that they exercised this 2021.
Minimum increases
In the midst of an escalation of femicides in the current administration, the National Commission to Prevent and Eradicate Violence against Women (Conavim) – which has the power to declare Gender Violence Alerts in states and municipalities – will have in 2022 a budget of 310 million 451 thousand 545 pesos, just 0.02% higher in real terms than what was allocated for this year, which was 300 million 164 thousand 164 pesos.
The National Commission for the Search for Disappeared Persons (CNB) will also have a marginal budget increase, despite the fact that the current government has continued the epidemic of disappearances and the lag in the identification of remains.
That area, which is attached to the Undersecretariat of Human Rights, directed by Alejandro Encinas, will exercise in 2022 an expenditure of 747 million 427 thousand 389 pesos, 0.34% higher in real terms than the 720 million 396 thousand 562 pesos it had for this year.
The Undersecretariat of Encinas itself will have a minimum real budget increase of 2.3%, going from 35 million 867 thousand 139 pesos allocated for 2021 to 37 million 948 thousand 945 proposed for next year.
In the midst of the migration crisis on the southern border, the National Institute of Migration (INM) will have a real budget increase of 0.29%, going from having an expenditure of 1 thousand 603 million 050 thousand 997 pesos to one of 1 thousand 662 million 450 thousand 084 pesos by 2022.
The General Directorate of Strategies for the Attention of Human Rights, the General Directorate of Public Policy of Human Rights and the Unit for the Defense of Human Rights will exercise in 2022 a joint expenditure of 176 million 434 thousand 140 pesos, an amount 3.1% higher in real terms than their budget this year, which was 171 million 021 thousand 438 pesos.
The only area that recorded a significant increase in its gasTo —of 55.6%—, in the midst of the increase in attacks on journalists and activists, was the General Directorate for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders and Journalists, which went from exercising a budget this 2021 of 241 million 383 thousand 873 pesos to a projected expenditure of 388 million 583 thousand 860 pesos.
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