translated from Spanish: Executive assured that by current figures of the pandemic “it would not be necessary” to extend the State of Exception

“It’s a decision that’s going to be made after the September 18 holidays.” This is how the Minister Spokesman of the Government, Jaime Bellolio, responded after being asked about the possible end of the State of Exception. “We do not consider that a new project will be presented, however, it is not only a health issue, but it has to do with the initiative obviously of the Executive in its entirety,” he said of the measure that expires at the end of this month. With this, Bellolio said that “if the figures remain in a positive way, as we have been transmitting, it would not be necessary.” In this same line was located the Minister of the Interior, Rodrigo Delgado, assuring in Universe that “the situation is now different, the numbers are different, the progress in vaccination is different and that suggests that maybe it was not necessary to resort to that instance at the end of the month.” “It is very likely that it will not be necessary (to extend the state of emergency), that is so,” he replied. However, he said that “if there is a resurgence after and the circumstances change again against it, we will return to having it. The fact of not going on September 30 (to the congress) does not mean that from now on there will be no more curfew or sanitary restrictions,” he concluded.

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