translated from Spanish: Tolosa Paz spoke after the defeat: “We heard the message”

The government candidate in the province of Buenos Aires, Victoria Tolosa Paz, spoke after the defeat of the ruling party in the district and throughout the country and assured that from the Frente de Todos they heard “the message of the ballot boxes.” In line with what were the words of President Alberto Fernández in the bunker, the platense said that they will “work to reverse the results” of the PASO that were carried out throughout the country.
“We heard the message from the polls. We share what the president said. The PASO is a great nationwide survey. The people of Argentina all went to vote, we rescued the participation, “said the platense in dialogue with C5N while leaving the bunker. Tolosa Paz was five points below the combined votes of Facundo Manes and Diego Santilli, who accumulate 38.08% compared to 33.57% of the official list.

“The uncertainty was how many people went to vote, and it was a lower percentage than expected. We are going to work so that more people go to vote,” said Tolosa Paz about 67% of the voter roll. Hit by a defeat that was not expected until the official numbers were published, the former official of the government’s social area said that “you can always reverse (the election) if there is a will to listen and solve the problems of the people.”

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