translated from Spanish: Alberto asked to “knock on the door” to those who did not vote: “The future is at stake”

The President of the Nation, Alberto Fernández, participated on Tuesday in an act in Almirante Brown, where he inaugurated and announced new public works with the aim of accelerating the economic reactivation that was not felt until now in the pockets. Accompanied by Sergio Massa and other personalities such as Gabriel Katopodis and Santiago Cafiero, the president assured that “the pandemic did not stop us” since the works continued.

“We never ask the political sign of the one who governs, we are not worried about making those who govern happy, we are worried about making the men and women who inhabit Argentina happy,” he said. After the slap received by his government in the legislative elections, the president recalled that “there is nothing more unpoprant than work and nothing more worries more than giving work.”

Pressed by the times to recover points in the face of an election that will define the composition of the Congress that will accompany him for the next two years, Fernández insisted that “we are not happy distributing plans, we want to distribute work.” It is time to order, to continue doing what we were doing, to do what we should have postponed and correct what we did wrong,” the head of state said, in line with his speech on Sunday night.
In his speech, Fernández pointed out against one of the segments in which the ruling party will seek to get more votes, those who have not gone to vote last Sunday, in which the electoral participation was 67%. Alberto Fernández asked to go “knock on the door of the Argentine who did not go to vote, to tell him that what is at stake is the future of the country and its future”

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