translated from Spanish: Child loses his home in a fire and asks for materials to rebuild it

An 8-year-old boy moved millions of users on social networks after he shared the story of how he lost his house to a fire that consumed everything through the Tik Tok social network and asked for materials to rebuild it again. I want to leave a teaching; he doesn’t have to play with fire because a few days ago my house burned down, everything. I don’t have a room, I don’t have a TV, I don’t have toys. I have nothing. Everything was burned. I don’t have a bed. I was left with nothing,” the boy said in a video posted on social media. The fire occurred on August 6 in Boulogne, a province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, causing the family of little Juani Trejo, to lose all their assets. Determined to do something about it, the 8-year-old took his phone and recorded himself telling the unfortunate story, all with the aim that it will reach the right ears and receive the necessary support to rebuild his home and thus be able to give a gift from the mothers to his mother. ” If you have materials, sand, cement, bricks, bring them to me, please. For Mom’s Day I want my mom with the whole house done,” the little guy added. Juani’s parents didn’t realize that their son had posted a video asking for help. It wasn’t until they were alerted by a friend without thinking that the short video would go viral and she would get the help she expected.” we found out because a friend of my wife told us… We thought it was good to share it on our networks without imagining that it would go viral,” said Juan Manuel Trejo (Juani’s father), according to a publication by Infobae.Read more: Unpleasant! Woman finds a human finger in a hamburger and the restaurant is closedThe family has indicated that it remembers with sadness the loss of its home after the fire, but has stated that having a great desire to rebuild their home once the burned house is demolished, since after the viralization of the video, associations such as Fundación Vivienda Digna have been involved in the reconstruction project. VIDEO. 8-year-old boy loses his home in a fire and asks for materials to rebuild it

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