translated from Spanish: L-Ghent showed the first photo of Jamaica

L-Ghent and Tamara Baez are starting on the arduous path of ma-paternity, with the arrival of Jamaica, who was born last Monday, September 13 at 4:29 am. 

The musician was portraying in his networks the step by step prior to the birth, and also shared with all his followers the first images of the little girl. Although not everything was rosy, because the creator of cumbia 420, also told in his networks that he met some “characters” who became the “giles”, when he was in the Hospital visiting his daughter. “I went to see my daughter at the Luján Hospital and because she was from General Rodríguez, among all the people who were doing the endurance, outside two ‘logis’ who were there wanted to do the barra bravas, I don’t know what wave. High characters,” he said, indignant. Then he made it clear that the crack between the neighborhoods is no longer going and posted: The one who the moment of joy we had with all the people there, high ghost. It can’t be, big people still fantasizing about making a difference between the neighborhoods. You don’t have to be a ghost like that, neighborhood differences are not going to be a bit; we are all human. I am for other things king, but I take advantage of this moment of anger to let you know,” he wrote bluntly. However, far from the bad vibes a while ago, he uploaded a photo of the girl, who seems to be looking at the camera with her eyes wide open, remember that babies sometimes take a few hours to open their eyes, mainly due to the swelling that arises from the pressure during the time of delivery. Look at jamaica valenzuela’s little face

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