translated from Spanish: Undersecretary Daza by Delta variant in Chile: “We have about a thousand cases and more than 60% of them are community”

During this Tuesday, the Undersecretary of Public Health, Paula Daza, addressed the situation of the Delta variant in Chile and said that to date there are about a thousand cases of infected people. In an activity in the commune of La Reina, where he participated together with the mayor of the commune, José Manuel Palacios, and the Minister of Housing and Urbanism, Felipe Ward, the health authority valued the current situation of the country in the face of Covid-19.Daza said that “as we move forward (in the Step by Step) where we have practically the whole country with Preparation and Opening, with many more freedoms, that means more risk and more responsibility.” With respect to the Delta variant, we already have about a thousand cases in Chile in relation to sequencing, obviously more than 60% of the cases are community, therefore, we have Delta variant in all regions of the country, “he reported. The undersecretary called on citizens to get vaccinated to reduce cases. “That they do it for them, but also for their community, because to the extent that we all get vacuned, we will be able to reduce these cases,” he said. In that line, Daza showed concern about the increase in cases in the north of the country such as Atacama, Antofagasta and Arica and Parinacota, where authorities have indicated that 60.1% of active cases are Delta.De this way, the authority said that “there has been a massive test, with a rake operation where we go to the houses and we have found Delta variant that we know is more contagious. We have taken the measure of immediately transferring people to a health residence and testing all close contacts.” We are probably going to have some of these outbreaks, we hope that they will be controlled and enhance vaccination in those places,” he said.

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