translated from Spanish: Elisa Loncón and quorum of 2/3: “The Convention has to do a job on the norms that are defined in order to move forward”

The president of the Constitutional Convention, Elisa Loncón, referred in a dialogue with Radio Cooperativa to the general approval of the regulations, and to the possibility of modifying the quorum of two thirds, which could be changed by a simple majority, as determined in the plenary session on Tuesday. Chile deserves a discussion. It is the plenary that has to deliberate and respect the voice of the plenary,” said the president of the CC.Loncón said about the two-thirds rule that “there are established constitutional norms, but regardless of that, the discussion must be democratic.” The president of the Constitutional Convention, however, defended the prevalence of the norms established in the Magna Carta (where a quorum of two-thirds is established for the decisions of the instance) and stated that “constitutional norms are constitutional, we know, we must respect what is constitutional.” The Convention has to do some work on the norms that are defined in order to move forward,” he said. Asked about her reaction after the case of the conventional Rojas Vade, Loncón defended her action, and stressed that the table filed a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office to clarify the situation.

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