translated from Spanish: Five to questions to Nobeat after the premiere of “It Feels Good” and “Poison”

Nobeat faces the last stretch of this 2021 as it began: releasing music and demonstrating why it is one of the Latin American talents that most needs to be taken up close. Born in Colombia, he was born into a family of musicians and this is reflected in his career as both composer and producer. And, during this last year, it showed its multifaceted character and the praise was not few: in 2020, Nobeat entered the prestigious list of Latin producers of Billboard as one of the 10 most important producers in the industry. Thus, the artist is still playing with his latest track “Se Siente Bien” while celebrating the premiere of “Poison”, a track with an addictive melody and captivating lyrics that has Nobeat leading the song and being accompanied by the voice of Dekko.

Photo: Courtesy of the press

What can you tell us about “It Feels Good”?

I was inspired by the retro eighties style, by those rhythmic funk patterns, a chill vibe a little bit of R&B, with a theme that could be dedicated and with a fairly current language. 

Why did you decide that aesthetics were from the 80s?

I decided on the retro aesthetic of the 80s because I’m a big fan of the 80s, 70s and I wanted to explore that style, I wanted to see how a song of mine with that style was going to sound and well, there comes out “It Feels Good”. 

You produced and composed “It Feels Good”, in which of the two facets are you best?

I like both equally.

How did the audience receive this premiere?

Super good!

What’s next?

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