translated from Spanish: The Evita Movement announced that it will march to Plaza de Mayo in support of Alberto Fernández

In the midst of the massive resignation of national ministers after the defeat of the ruling party in the PASO, the Evita Movement organization called for a march for this Thursday in the Plaza de Mayo with the aim of supporting President Alberto Fernández. For the unity of the Frente de Todos, to bank the Government. All to Plaza de Mayo. Fuerza Alberto!”, says the flyer shared on social networks by the space led by Emilio Pérsico and Fernando Navarro. From the Evita Movement, in all its territorial and federal extension, we express our strong support for the president of the Argentine nation, comrade Alberto Fernández. We believe that the self-critical, conciliatory and rational message expressed by the president last Sunday is the right direction we must take to listen to the demands of our people. We believe that discord does little to help the reconstruction of a country that is going through one of the worst crises in our history,” said a statement from the group.

And he adds: “Society needs a strong leadership that expresses that need for economic and social dialogue that allows us to find a way out of this crisis hand in hand with work and production. The internal struggles of the political leadership must not hinder the urgent need for joint, generous and sacrificial work to boost the economic growth and social justice that our society demands.” The communiqué is signed by the National Executive Board of the Evita Movement and was the first organization that integrates the Union of Workers of the Popular Economy to come out to support Alberto Fernández.On the other hand, the Clasista and Combative Current and Somos Barrios de Pie will be the other movements that will be present in the mobilization. 

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