translated from Spanish: Chilean Association of Municipalities calls for self-care for these Fiestas Patrias

The president of the Chilean Association of Municipalities (ACHM) and mayor of Huechuraba, Carlos Cuadrado Prats, said that it is important not to relax sanitary measures in these Fiestas Patrias.
“I call from the Chilean Association of Municipalities from the 345 mayors of Chile, to citizens to be careful in these holidays, to take care of themselves, to respect the lives of their compatriots and to have fun,” he said.
Last Sunday, September 5, the ACHM was part of the commemoration ceremony of the more than 37 thousand deaths left in Chile by the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, called Day of Condolence and Goodbye.
In that line, as a way to continue reducing the numbers of infections and deaths from coronavirus, Cuadrado Prats reinforced the idea that the maintenance of sanitary measures and celebrating responsibly are compatible.
“It is possible, we in Huechuraba did eight activities where the neighbors behaved in an exemplary way, respecting the sanitary criteria and, therefore, it is compatible to have fun for the eighteenth and take care of themselves and respect the lives of our compatriots. Therefore, I wish you a very happy holiday on behalf of the mayors of Chile, “concluded the mayor of Huechuraba.

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