translated from Spanish: Sinaloa still without applications to benefit from the Amnesty Law

Sinaloa.- Since the Sinaloa Amnesty Law was unanimously approved by the State Congress in an extraordinary public session, in mid-February of this 2021, there is no inmate within the four prisons of the state that is covered by this right, as announced by the Undersecretary of Public Security, Major Carlos Alberto Hernández.El proceder The high command assured that this law has several criteria, one of them is that those who want to avail themselves of this guarantee, have to request it; this process goes through a commission, which investigates the background, the type of crime, among other things. Although there are several factors that are involved in the issue, such as federal executives, state executives, judges, etc.  That is why for now they have not been notified by said jury of any ongoing procedure. He reiterated that there are different criteria: people who could be released, have to meet a series of requirements and who are not repeat offenders of committing a type of crime. He also indicated that there are people who can be given certain priorities, especially those from indigenous peoples who have not had a fair trial and women of limited resources who at the time could not pay bail, including due to abortion issues. Also, to all those who are deprived of their liberty for simple theft, such as those who enter a shopping plaza and take basic necessities, food etc.  To prisoners who are also imprisoned for crimes that are committed in an environment of precariousness, against health, or even some prosecuted for exercising their freedom of expression or human rights, as well as people with special abilities and older adults classified as at risk. On the other hand, Major Leyva said that at the moment there is no overcrowding in the prisons of Sinaloa, and that there are currently more than 4,000 inmates held in these centers serving their sentences. He also indicated that any prisoner who meets the requirements must initiate the procedures through their legal representatives. The law In the portal of the Congress of Sinaloa it was indicated that the approval of the Amnesty Law is to strengthen a system of rights that benefits all people, mainly those who for some reason are in a situation of vulnerability, particularly in a situation of poverty. Read more: Sinaloa lacks women in strategic political positions That is why by granting it 33 votes, the plenary approved the opinion of the Commission of Constitutional Points and Governance, a document that registered its first reading and then the second was dispensed. Every Day of the Cry of Independence in Morelia there is little to celebrate; Maria Guadalupe still suffers from the grenades

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