translated from Spanish: Ronald Koeman close to dismissal for his Defeat in Champions League

Everything exploded in Barcelona after the humiliation against Bayern Munich in the Champions League and is that the Board of Directors of the Catalan team would have shown its dissatisfaction with the Dutch coach, Ronald Koeman for not being the solution that had been expected, now his departure from the Spanish team is closer than ever. According to the media TV3 in Spain, after the Champions League match the board made them meet to talk about the future of the team and most if not everyone opted to look for a replacement so that he was also a former Barcelona player, they no longer trust him to get out of the pothole in which the team has fallen. But there is something that keeps Koeman in the team and it is Joan Laporta, the Spaniard is confident that the coach can do something more since he has married the idea that it is a last chance for him to do something remembered with the team before he fails again and they ask again for his departure. Read more: Liga MX Femenil: Cecilia Santiago assures that “Tigres does not lose pace” before their duel against Houston DashThe manager would have proposed a new work plan so that he can do as much as he can in the team between now and the end of his contract that is in 2022, when a year has already passed. That is handled unofficially so you can expect anything within Barcelona that in recent months has been in serious trouble. Also in the last hours it has been revealed by Koeman himself that in the month of June Laporta and the board met with him to explain that they were looking for a replacement, which did not arrive due to external issues and decided to give the confidence to him that is now being confirmed. The new edition of Barcelona has generated much more rejection than expected | Photo: Twitter Barcelona To this day The start of Barcelona is not the best, in LaLiga it occupies the 7th place with the same units, although it is only 3 points behind the leader there are many teams that are ahead of them. On the subject of the Champions League that got Koeman into this problem marks last of Group E with zero points, while Bayern is first and followed by Benfica and Dinamo with one point each. He will return to action in the continental tournament on September 29 against Benfica, a club that should not represent a problem because although they are visiting they can get something good in their second game. As far as the LaLiga match is concerned, they will face Granada on Monday hoping to climb places.  Thus the fall of ash from the Popocatépetl Volcano in some regions of the State of Mexico

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