translated from Spanish: Government for vandalization of monument to Salvador Allende: “We repudiate in the most energetic way the attack”

The Minister Secretary General of Government, Jaime Bellolio, expressed a “strong repudiation” against the vandalization of the monument of President Salvador Allende in San Joaquin.
“We as a government repudiate in the most energetic way the attack that has been made on the image of Salvador Allende, the former president. Particularly in the month of September,” said Bellolio, after participating in the Te Deum Evangélico in the context of Fiestas Patrias.
“What we have to do is remember the value of unity, of democracy, because it is democracy that protects people, that protects human rights and that protects the diversity of opinions,” he added.
Bellolio also recalled the attacks on other monuments: “Just as in the past we have also repudiated attacks on other symbols, on other people who are deceased today, we repudiate in the most energetic way this vandalization that has been done in the image of former President Salvador Allende.”
Bellolio did not announce possible legal action regarding the fact. For its part, the Socialist Party announced that it will study criminal actions, while the mayor of San Joaquin, Cristóbal Labra, announced that next Monday he will file a complaint with the Southern Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office.

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