translated from Spanish: Cristián de la Fuente: “I sold two watches (…) the checks came to me and said Tonka Tomicic”

The national actor Cristián de la Fuente attacked La Red yesterday, after the publication of articles in which he is linked to the VIP Watches case, where the Public Ministry investigates the smuggling of jewelry and luxury watches. The controversy began with a report by Ciper, which targeted Tonka Tomicic’s husband, Marco Antonio López Spagui, known as Parived. However, at the beginning of the month, an investigation by the television channel La Red affirmed that there would be other names of the show related to the subject, pointing to Cristián de la Fuente.De according to that note, de la Fuente “would have been one of the buyers of species”, adding that “in the case of De la Fuente, it is enough to confirm to what extent the actor would have known the origin of these watches and jewelry”. The chronicle also stated that “he has not been charged and only appeared in the investigation, because he could simply be a victim of a network that has not left anyone indifferent.” In conversation with mega’s “Mucho Gusto” matinee, the Chilean wanted to tell his version of events. “Sadly, sometimes a mistake can turn into something bigger and cause a lot of damage,” the actor shared. To me, La Red literally put ‘Parived accused and actor Cristián de la Fuente among those investigated in the case of stolen VIP watches. He would have been one of the buyers of stolen species.’ This is what was said and that generated a retort from many other media outlets,” he said. The story is very simple and very different from what we are talking about here. I, last year sold two watches to Tonka, according to what the person who was selling the watches told me, not directly, with a jeweler I know.” Explained. According to his sayings, de la Fuente spoke with the jeweler Daniel Goñi to sell his jewelry, which was a gift from Hublot, the watch brand, and another that he himself ordered himself to make. Over the months, Goñi contacted the actor to assure him that he had found an interested client. “He tells me that the client wants to buy them with a check to date, and I said, ‘Are you crazy? How am I going to sell watches with a check to date?’, to which he tells me ‘No, if it’s the Tonka’, to which I trust,” he said. I handed over my watches, I got the Tonka checks and the end of the story,” he said. “I got the checks, the guy sold them and it’s over. This was in February 2020, I never saw Daniel Goñi again, and I went to Vichuquén,” he explained. Then I saw this hard note of stolen watches, my face comes out, my image comes out, that causes harm to my wife, to my daughter. I then appeal to the press law I send a letter to La Red where I clarify everything,” he revealed, claiming that the television channel never published his response. “I shouldn’t be going through this. I should celebrate for my achievements. It’s unfair,” he said. In the same sense, he assured that for this investigation, “I have never received anything from the Prosecutor’s Office, nor a summons, nothing, and if they call me happy I will (…) I sold two watches, which is not wrong with it.” This is like the game of the phone, which could have come out my name in the investigation and the journalist read my name and says ‘Cristián de la Fuente involved’, and they published the note (…) Something is being said that is completely false. I’ve been receiving bad messages for a week (…) it’s a heavy damage,” he said. According to the actor, he spoke with his lawyer to be able to “file a complaint for the complaint of this infraction,” adding that it was accepted.


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