translated from Spanish: Lag in justice translates into impunity in Sinaloa

Sinaloa.- The delay in the prosecution of justice is regrettable, because it is nothing more than the impunity that exists in the institutions responsible for providing justice to the population in Sinaloa, said Trinidad Tirado Olvera, a member of the Marco Antonio Arroyo Camberos Bar Association. the number of crimes continues to grow. “That is nothing more than impunity, because the greater the lag, the greater the growth of impunity in criminal acts.” There is no investigation The lawyer said that the anomalies in the investigations also cover the illicit ones that are not considered as serious, so the authority decides to delay them by giving rise to the inquiries to clarify them and exercise a punishment. The null resolution to this type of crimes, mainly of the common jurisdiction, do not solve them either to exercise criminal action or to put them in reserve. He clarified that in any of the ways that the delivery of justice is not followed up, it causes a problem to those who seek to punish people who managed to commit some damage, either from the common or federal jurisdiction. Justice by itself The lawyer described as delicate at the moment that a delay gives reason for the citizens to be upset, precisely because they are not treated in a timely manner after suffering a crime in which there is a responsible, who walks free and has not been punished despite the fact that there is sufficient evidence to do so. Tirado Olvera mentioned that this apathy that the authorities have to not clarify the crimes leads to the citizens doing justice by their own hand. He acknowledged that the lack of interest that exists in justice institutions to investigate crimes and find those responsible has led citizens to refrain from denouncing the crimes that occur in their environment, since they say, the complaints do not pass from the Public Ministry.    Read more: The port of Mazatlan circumvents the crisis generated by the Covid-19 pandemicProblem Shortage of personnel in the agencies affects the investigationsThe lawyer Trinidad Tirado Olvera mentioned that one of the main factors that affects the investigations for the clarifications of the illicit has to do with the lack of personnel presented by the agencies of the Public Ministry of the Common Law, which are the institutions that attend more complaints, since the illicit ones they pursue range from simple robbery, house-room robbery, to vehicle theft, followed by intentional homicide.   

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