translated from Spanish: Unfreeze Chamber of Deputies marriage equality

The Chamber of Deputies plans to “unfreeze” the project of additional constitutional reforms in matters of substantive equality to approve same-sex marriage, as well as “reproductive autonomy” at the federal level. The coordinator of the Morena caucus, Ignacio Mier Velazco, and the deputy coordinator, Aleida Alavez, announced the new legislative amendments, while informing that there is general consensus among the different parliamentary groups regarding them, with the exception of the parliamentary fraction of the PAN. Alavez maintained that they do not have to hide the fact that the blue and white has expressed its disagreement with the reforms that they plan to unfreeze, however, she was confident that they can reach the third parties that are needed to be able to carry out the constitutional modifications in terms of gender. For his part, Mier Velazco explained that the opinion has long been ready, so it should have been discussed in the Lower House of the Congress of the Union in the last Legislature, but in the end this was pending in the Board of Directors. ” It implies 50 modifications to different points of the Constitution to guarantee substantive equality and the right of women to decide, not only on this issue, but in general, with compensatory action and affirmative action and discriminatory but positive actions, “said the Moreno. It is worth mentioning that the Commission of Constitutional Points of the 64th Legislature in the Regulatory Chamber endorsed on March 11 the project of reforms and additions to 29 constitutional articles on substantive equality that, among other issues, recognizes equal marriage and “reproductive autonomy”. However, the PAN deputies accused that this last amendment represents the legalization of the interruption of pregnancy at the federal level, so they expressed their disagreement. On that occasion, the opinion was approved with 19 votes in favor of Morena and the Labor Party (PT), as well as 4 against part of the PAN and 4 abstentions of the PRI and the Solidarity Encounter Party (PES). Read more: “Politics and organized crime,” Lilly Tellez gives book “The Godfather” to AMLO officialThe bill prohibits discrimination against “gender identity and expression” and sexual orientations.

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