translated from Spanish: Alberto Fernández defined the IMF loan as “deudicide”

The President of the Nation, Alberto Fernández, participated in the General Debate of the 76th General Assembly of the United Nations and had harsh words for the IMF for the loan it granted to the administration of Mauricio Macri. The national president, who planned to travel to New York but due to the crisis of his government had to stay in Argentina, said that the country was subjected to “toxic indebtedness” with the IMF.

Fernández coined the term “deudicide” to refer to the 45 million dollars that the multilateral organization disbursed between 2018 and 2019, when Macrismo ran out of access to private financing. “The resources approved by the International Monetary Fund to Argentina in this unsustainable debt were 57 billion dollars, the equivalent of everything that the agency disbursed in the year of the pandemic to 85 countries in the world,” said the president.

The 76th General Assembly of the @ONU_es in which I participated today finds us going through a change of era. We are facing a triple pandemic, of global inequality, climate change and covid-19 that plunges our peoples into lack of protection and backwardness. — Alberto Fernández (@alferdez)
September 21, 2021

With much of his speech aimed at talking about the debt that his government is trying to renegotiate, Fernández said that “there is no technical rationality, no ethical logic, no political sensitivity that can justify such an aberration.” He added: “The biggest thing is that much of the resources supplied to Argentina have been leaked from the country by an irresponsible opening of capital accounts.

️”Argentina was subjected to an irresponsible debt to the IMF; the resources granted are equivalent to what the agency allocated to 85 countries to face the pandemic. There is no criterion to justify such an aberration.” President @alferdez at the 76th General Assembly of the @ONU_es. — Alberto Fernández Prensa (@alferdezprensa)
September 21, 2021

However, Fernández considered “valuable but insufficient” the extension of the Debt Services Suspension Initiative promoted by the G20. Throughout his speech, the president of Argentina insisted to the presidents of the world that Iran cooperate in the clarification of the attack on the AMIA, in addition to also claiming the sovereignty of our country before the Malvinas Islands, South Georgia, South Sandwich and the surrounding maritime spaces.

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