translated from Spanish: Cristián Castañeda: “He didn’t look like a technician, but Esteban has fingers for the piano”

Cristián Castañeda is excited as a fan of the University of Chile, although he lives it more closely. Friend and former teammate of Esteban Valencia in the U of the nineties, reveals in conversation with hoyxhoy, that the now confirmed coach of the club until the end of the year never showed interest in being a coach in his stage as a player. The truth is that no, it was not seen as a technical future, at least I did not see it like that. We never talked about that at some point I could be a technician, just like me, that I never thought I was going to like this thing about being a technician,” he says at the outset. They were not topics that at that time we talked about or attracted us, so it seems to me that the ‘Huevito’ did show that in the formative football of the U, where he has been a couple of years, he had fingers for the piano, “adds the former blue full-back. This jump says that it is justified because of what he has shown in charge: “It has been a while since the U looked competitive as it does now, which gives us as fans a little hope to what he plays. He has improved the defensive part a lot and has been being solid in attack. The individual performances have grown and that somehow allows the collective performance to be competitive,” he says of the game, with six wins, three draws and one loss in 10 games of the National Tournament. Hopefully it will not only be until the end of the year, but that he stays to live in the U, because that will mean that the club will be fine, “adds “Scooby” Castañeda, confident for Sunday: “If the U is able to win the Superclásico I think it will give a very good battle for the tournament.” In a video of two minutes and 55 seconds on the blue networks, Valencia himself analyzed its continuity until the end of the year. “The ratification comes at a good time and I feel that there is an appreciation of the work that has been done with the team and the results that have accompanied us in this process,” he said.


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