translated from Spanish: “Mr. Piñera, you are warned”: Boric reiterates warning to take cases of “serious violations of human rights” to international courts during the outbreak

The presidential candidate of Apruebo Dignidad, Gabriel Boric, during the first presidential debate ahead of the November elections, again summoned President Sebastián Piñera for the violations of Human Rights during the social outbreak.
When journalist Mónica Rincón asked which candidates, in their future governments, would apologize for the violations of human rights during the mobilizations that began on October 18, Boric pointed out that “those who are responsible for the serious violations of human rights do not only have to ask for forgiveness, they have to answer to international courts.”
As he said in another debate, in the framework of the primaries of Apruebo Dignidad, the deputy for Magallanes indicated: “Mr. Piñera, you are warned, you are going to be persecuted for the serious violations of Human Rights committed under your mandate.”
When discussing governance, the candidate for La Moneda also called on the flag bearers of Chile Podemos + and the Republican Party, Sebastián Sichel and José Antonio Kast, respectively.
“The only coalition that has supported violence in Chile is the one represented by José Antonio Kast and the one that supports Sebastián Sichel today,” he said.

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