translated from Spanish: Noelia reveals that Ninel Conde tried to throw her out of the stage

In an interview Puerto Rican singer Noelia had with Michelle Ruvalcaba for her YouTube show “El Mich TV,” she revealed a nasty altercation she had with Mexican singer Ninel Conde, known as “El bombón asesino.” Everything happened in 2008 during the recordings of one of the programs “El show de los sueños”, where the businesswoman was also a special guest and received a well-deserved tribute for her career. Noelia said that Ninel Conde, wife of Colombian businessman Larry Ramos (who is allegedly a fugitive from US justice, accused of millionaire fraud), tried to throw her out of the stage. According to Noelia’s account, the Galindos (producers of the aforementioned show) realized Ninel Conde’s intentions. “She tried, well they forced her to do, because she didn’t want to, all the other artists of ‘El show de los sueños’ paid me a tribute with ‘Candela’ precisely.” They pay homage to me, but she didn’t want to go to rehearsal or anything, she threw tantrums and tantrums, she made everything difficult, she kicked, then they forced her and she wanted to knock me down, live, national. When Noelia was going to go to the center of the stage, the also actress of telenovelas (former sentimental partner of the singer José Manuel Figueroa, firstborn of the late singer-songwriter Joan Sebastian), tried to elbow her, “I gave a pirouette to evade the blow that I wanted to put in, tell me if it is a bad intention, she is not a good person and we all know it”. Noelia told Michelle Ruvalcaba that “thank God I have instinct, he wanted to elbow me so that I fell, she came and I went.” Regarding the legal situation of Larry Ramos, husband of Ninel Conde, the Puerto Rican businesswoman mentioned: “what barbarity, that is not even bad decisions, it is to use your free will wrong, to do bad things, then the bad comes to you.” Read more: “Life has karmas,” says inés “N’s” ex-mother-in-law after her arrest warrant and that of her husband

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