translated from Spanish: Bilardo’s viral video from 1985: discussions and resistance before the World Cup

Every now and then someone and somewhere in the country remembers a phrase, an image or a gesture of Carlos Bilardo with his follies, his way of thinking and being, but above all of living football as the most important thing in his life. This time, after 36 years, a video appeared that gave a lot to talk about. In December 1985 and with a tie for Mexico 86 that was bad, the coach appeared in the historic program Polémica en el fútbol of Canal 13, where he submitted to the criticism of Rafael Olivari, host of the program, and in which Alejandro Apo and Carlos Parnisari also participated. Bilardo’s interactions with the audience and the usual tribune of the program are seen, where he was also accused of having complicit people who encouraged him in his answers, repudiated criticism and also helped with a question to get out of the way. 
In the first part of the video, the controversy between the choice of Almirón over Cómas is seen. “Easy. Almirón I see that he plays and I say: Who do I try? To Almirón or Comas? For me there was Almiron. I put Almirón, that day Cuccuifo-Almirón debut, in the previous match Batista and Borghi had already debuted, and they play,” he began. If the team was winning 3-0, I put Cómas. But since the team was losing, I never burn a player and I don’t give a player 15 or 20 minutes to prove it when we lose. When the team loses, usually, I put a player who has already played in the National Team,” he closed the topic. After it, accused of having infiltrators, there was an unforgettable debate. He approached the grandstand to mark the five or six who defended him and threw: “I don’t know him, I don’t know him, I don’t know him and I don’t know him.” With the triubna revolutionized, he had a cross with Olivari who replied: “If you grab the flag it is your problem. I’m telling you that people came here to insult people who think against you.” Already at the end, Bilardo continues to receive grievances and when the program went to a cut he decided to go against a fan and left a memorable sentence. “Surely, I assure you and I come here after the world championship, as I always came. I put the signature if you want, that where we go we are always up, Argentina is always up. I’m not a loser, I’m a winner,” he said.

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