translated from Spanish: Edomex reports sanctions for gender violence and femicide

Guaranteeing women’s rights, as well as preventing and addressing discrimination and violence, is one of the main security objectives in the State of Mexico.
This was stated by the governor of the State of Mexico, Alfredo de Mazo Maza on Monday, September 20, during his message on the occasion of his Fourth Government Report and gave as an example the increase in the number of investigations and the imposition of harsher penalties against gender aggressors and stressed that the entity continues to obtain the highest sentences in the country, and is the only one to obtain life sentences for femicide.
This year alone, the president explained, 148 investigation folders have been filed, 86 files were judicialized, and 71 convictions of high penalty and three with a life sentence were issued.

In support of the daughters and sons of victims of femicide, Del Mazo reported that a fund was created so that they can continue with their studies and 54 Orange Centers have been installed, which have offered more than 263,000 services of legal and psychological care, social work and protection, while the Violence Free Line has allowed the Monitoring Brigades to carry out more than 7,300 home visits to women who requested help.
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Additionally, the state president mentioned, the work of the Gender Police has allowed to initiate 437 investigation folders and accompany 1,409 victims, in the expansion of statements and the follow-up to prevention actions.

Meanwhile, the Specialized Center for Attention to Rural and Indigenous Women, in Aculco, received more than 2,500 women to provide them with educational, health, and comprehensive accompaniment services.
To attack the causes of gender-based violence, the Positive Masculinities for People Who Generate Violence Program was developed, the first of its kind at the national level, and with which more than 17,000 gender aggressors received guidance to change their behavior towards women.
In addition, the network of seven state shelters for victimized women was created, the only one nationwide which is funded and operated by a state government, and which has served more than 1,600 women, as well as their children.
In addition, the state administration has a gender agenda as a transversal policy on labor equality, respect for their social rights and strengthening of mechanisms to address violence.
“The protection of women’s rights, and the prevention and attention of discrimination and violence, are a fundamental part of our security efforts,” she said.
In terms of security, Del Mazo highlighted the work of the Universidad Mexiquense de Seguridad which, this year, trained more than 68,000 elements of various corporations and consolidated its technical specialization programs and training of municipal groups.
He also mentioned the opening of the Criminal Evidence Protection Center, which allows the State Attorney General’s Office to strengthen the preservation and assurance of evidence used in the investigation of complaints and crimes.
In the last year, he said, the Specialized Unit to Combat Kidnapping in the Toluca Valley was put into operation, in addition to the Cyber Police, created this year, has the human and technological capital to detect, monitor and deactivate threats originated in the digital environment, and prevent criminal acts that come to be coordinated through social networks.
Del Mazo said that this year the commitment to double the number of video surveillance cameras was fulfilled, reaching 20,000 connected devices in the territory.
Finally, the president reported that the Executive Commission for Attention to Victims attended to almost 13,400 victims of crime and granted more than 90,000 social, legal and psychological services, while the Commission for the Search for Disappeared Persons, of the Prosecutor’s Office and the City Councils, allowed to locate almost 11,900 people reported missing.
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