translated from Spanish: FMK presented its new song “Nos Fuimos”

After participating in great successes of the Argentine urban scene, FMK presented its new single “Nos Fuimos”, which was accompanied by a video clip, which already has more than 40 thousand views on YouTube in less than an hour. The song has a curious story behind it, as it ended up being the new single due to an unforeseen event. The artist was ready to shoot the video of the collaboration scheduled to be his next premiere, but the recording had to be canceled at the last minute.

On the same set, it was decided to film instead the video of a track that the artist and his producer, Big One, had finished the night before, whose contagious chorus continued like a loop in their ears. In this way, this is how “We left” was born to go out immediately into the world and show its potential.
With the direction of Agustin Portela and a lot of participation of the artist in full shooting, the video clip perfectly reflects this new facet of FMK that we have been seeing in the last singles where the most Latin and reggaeton sounds predominate fused with sounds of space. On the other hand, the Argentine artist comes from launching “Princesa”, which has more than two million views on YouTube, while together with Tiago PZK they presented “Prende la Cámara”. 

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