translated from Spanish: Group of constituents present proposal that urges the Constitutional Convention to “declare itself in Climate and Ecological Emergency”

A group of conventionalists, together with Isis Riquelme, representative of Fridays For Future, presented today a proposal that urges the Constitutional Convention to declare itself a Climate and Ecological Emergency.
“The Constitutional Convention, being a constituent power of the State, has a crucial political role within this climate crisis,” the document states.
“In line with the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations and the Paris Agreement (signed by Chile), it seeks to take responsibility for the planetary scenario that presents acute tensions in terms of the availability of water and the increase in socio-natural catastrophes, urging the Constitutional Convention to declare itself in Climate and Ecological Emergency,” the text states.

You can read the full proposal in this link.

“Immediate action”
At a press point, Isis Riquelme said “the world is not bad because there is a pandemic, there are pandemics because the world is bad, it is the mission of us your children and grandchildren to create real awareness so that immediate action is taken regarding the climate and ecological crisis.”
In the speech, in which other conventions also participated, they asked the Government of Chile and “world leaders”, “a considerable reduction in emissions generated by the use of fossil fuels”, “the recognition of the climate and ecological crisis as a humanitarian security emergency”, the recognition of the biodiversity of indigenous communities, the signing of the Escazú Agreement, among other points.
Finally, they invited to participate in the global march for the climate, which will be held this Friday, September 24.
The adherents to the proposal are the following conventional:

Jorge Abarca, D1
Cristina Dorador, D3
Dayana Gonzalez, D3
Constanza San Juan, D4
Ivanna Olivares, D5
Carolina Vilches, D6
Camila Zarate, D7
Marco Arellano, D8
Juan José Martín, D12
Francisco Caamaño, D14
Alvin Saldaña, D15
Gloria Alvarez, D16
Nicolas Nunez, D16
Elsa Labraña, D17
Maria Elisa Quinteros, D17
Fernando Salinas, D18
César Uribe, D19
Amaya Alvez, D20
Bastián Labbé, D20
Vanesa Hoppe, D21
Manuela Royo, D23
Adriana Ampuero, D26
Yarela Gomez, D27
Elisa Giustinianovich, D28
Luis Jimenez, Aymara Village
Natividad Llanquileo, Mapuche People

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