translated from Spanish: “Mil Guitarras 2021” confirms date and poster of artists

A new version of Mil Guitarras for Víctor Jara will be developed again with a hybrid version (face-to-face and online) next Friday, October 2 from 7:00 p.m., on the Facebook and YouTube platforms of Cultura Recoleta.Various artists join year after year to this commemoration of the life and work of Víctor Jara, and this 2021, will not be the exception, highlighting a varied lineup of singers and folklorists, among which are Francisca Gavilán, Ismael Serrano, Pancho Sazo, Magdalena Matthey, Valentín Trujillo, Rocío Peña, Francisco Carvajal, Quique Neira, La Chinganera, Pascuala Ilabaca, Paz Mera, Jorge and Marcelo Coulon, Juan Flores, Camila Moreno and Ismael Oddó, Nano Stern, Carmen Prieto, Tata Barahona and Arlette Jequier.Each of the artists, alone or in duo, perform a song from Víctor Jara’s first solo album, accompanied by the protagonists of the tribute, who are the guitarists. The mayor of Recoleta, Daniel Jadue, said that “it is a pride to take this ninth version to the homes of each of our neighbors and thousands of families throughout Chile and also abroad. Victor’s work transcends and his singing with social sense.” This ninth version of the tribute, as every year has the collaboration of the Víctor Jara Foundation.has the financing of the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage, through its competitive funds in the area of music and with the support of the Municipality of Recoleta.


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