translated from Spanish: Bolsonaro’s son tests positive for Covid and sets off the global alert: he led Brazil’s delegation at the UN

The positive for covid-19 of a son of President Jair Bolsonaro, who was part of the official delegation of Brazil that traveled this week to the UN, joined this Friday that of the Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, who remains in quarantine in New York, and ignited global alerts. Federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro, the third of the president’s children, was diagnosed with the coronavirus just two days after the return of the Brazilian delegation that traveled to the United States and is the third member of the official Brazilian delegation to contract the virus. Despite the diagnosis, I feel good and began to treat myself immediately,” Eduardo Bolsonaro, who, like his father, is an advocate of the so-called “early treatment”, wrote on his Twitter account, despite the fact that he does not have scientific evidence. The president’s son thus joins a diplomat and the Minister of Health, who participated in events with various authorities, such as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and former Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, today UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.Queiroga tested positive when the delegation was preparing to return to Brazil and after Bolsonaro defended before the UN the use of medicines of dubious efficacy against covid-19 and opposed the requirement of the “health passport”. On Friday, the son of the head of state, who is inoculated with the first dose of the vaccine against the disease, again questioned the “health passport” and the effectiveness of immunizers. We know that the vaccines were made faster (than usual),” eduardo Bolsonaro said. “I got the first dose of Pfizer and contracted COVID. Does that mean the vaccine is useless? I don’t think so. But it is one more argument against the health passport,” he added. In New York, however, the positive of Queiroga, who remains in quarantine in the city, ignited the alerts of the international community. Following his diagnosis, brazil’s united nations office suspended face-to-face activities in the middle of the General Assembly and all staff members went to work remotely. Already in Brazil, the National Health Surveillance Agency recommended that the 18 members of the Brazilian delegation, including the president and his son, remain isolated for 14 days after their return, for having had contact with the Minister of Health.The recommendations extend to six of the 23 ministers of the country, who accompanied the president to New York and among which are the heads of Foreign Affairs, Carlos França; Justice, Anderson Torres; Environment, Joaquim Leite; and Tourism, Gilson Machado, as well as the first lady, Michelle Bolsonaro.OTHER MEMBERS OF THE GOVERNMENT ANNOUNCE POSITIVEAlso this Friday the Minister of Agriculture of Brazil, Tereza Cristina Dias, and the Advocate General of the Union, Bruno Bianco, announced that they have contracted covid, although neither of them was part of the official delegation that was at the United Nations. ” I inform everyone that I tested positive for #Covid19. I am fine. I canceled my face-to-face commitments and will remain in isolation during the period of medical orientation,” the head of Agriculture announced on Twitter.For its part, Bianco’s press office reported in a note that the attorney general is without symptoms but that he also canceled his official agenda to comply with the quarantine. The two officials join an extensive list of Brazilian authorities who have been diagnosed with the coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic, which includes more than half of Bolsonaro’s ministers, a score of governors and the head of state himself, who until today did not receive the vaccine against the disease. With some 213 million inhabitants, Brazil is, in absolute terms, one of the three countries most affected by the pathogen, next to the United States and India.Since the beginning of the pandemic, nineteen months ago, the Latin American giant has already accumulated more than 592,000 deaths and 21.3 million infected by the pathogen.

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