translated from Spanish: Lilly Tellez calls Beatriz Gutierrez-Müller arrogant

For the repeated spelling mistakes of Beatriz Gutiérrez-Müller was called arrogant by Lilly Téllez, because it is no secret that the senator of the PAN has a fierce position against what any member of the Fourth Transformation proposes.Through her official Twitter account, Lilly Téllez took advantage of an error by Beatriz Gutiérrez to reproach her spelling mistakes and also, stressing that the lack of understanding made her arrogant. In simple words, the senator of the National Action Party called Beatriz Gutiérrez, a doctor and writer, arrogant with multiple publications, just for being wrong in a word. Beatriz Gutiérrez is a doctor and writer, and she is also the wife of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who on September 24, exhibited insults that she received from a Twitter user.These strong insults that were pronounced in AMLO’s Morning Conference created a sensitive atmosphere about Beatriz Gutiérrez during this September 24 and still during this 25.Without caring this to Lilly Téllez, he did not let Gutiérrez Müller respond to Vargas Llosa, and pointed out to the first lady that she needed to read the dictionary to know that she was using words that did not exist.” The lack of the dictionary reduces understanding,” Lilly Tellez wrote on her Twitter account, later adding that “the lack of understanding increases your arrogance Doctor.” In a few minutes, the tweets where Lilly Téllez defends Vargas Llosa and calls Beatriz Gutiérrez-Müller arrogant received more than a thousand reactions, where most users also joined the call to ask Beatriz to read. Read more: Tunden AMLO for assuring that Beatriz is “La Zopilota” Did he have the sack? For her part, in social networks Beatriz Gutiérrez has not reacted to the tweet made by Lilly Téllez and possibly, she does not. Tunden AMLO for assuring that “the vulture” is Beatriz Gutiérrez

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