translated from Spanish: Madonna mentioned her desire to come to Argentina: “I would like to dance a tango”

In the middle of the presentation of Madonna’s new work that we can see from October 8 by Paramount +, Madame X, in a concert held in New York with more than 49 artists on stage and celebrating the fourteenth album of the interpreter, the Queen of Pop took some time to send greetings to our country. Sent by The Magazine People, the chronicler Ronen Suac, was a few minutes exclusively with Madonna and it was there where she expressed her wishes to return to the country. 

Photo: People

“I miss a lot of Argentina, I would like to come back very soon and dance some tango. I would love to go to those clubs,” he said, emphasizing: “I really like tango.”

Photo: People

“What I like about tango is that kind of battle, like a love story,” he continued and concluded “I love to dance it.” About this new show we can see the singer play a secret agent who changes her identity and fights for freedom, in her conceptual show. 

Madonna visited our country for the first time in 1993 with the tour The Girlie Show, during its most controversial and criticized stage by the Church. Three years later in 1996, he returned but this time to put himself in the shoes of Eva Perón for Alan Parker’s film, which earned him some enemies, staunch to Peronism who did not see with good eyes the interpretation of the diva. Then he returned with his Sticky and Sweet Tour, to the River Plate stadium in 2008 and the last time he stepped on Argentine soil was in 2012 with his MDNA tour at the Mario Kempes stadium in Córdoba.

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