translated from Spanish: Patricio Manns will be veiled at the Antonio Varas Theater of the U. of Chile

The journalist, troubadour and writer Patricio Manns, who died this Saturday, will be veiled this Sunday at the Antonio Varas Theater of the U. of Chile (Morandé 25), starting at 9:00 am.
The event will be held at the venue “so that all his friends and followers can say goodbye and pay tribute to this great artist who has just left us,” according to a statement from his daughter Liselotte Manns on his social networks.
“We thank with all our hearts all the signs of affection, affection and support,” said the daughter of who was also one of the spokesmen of the Manuel Rodríguez Patriotic Front. Also, the next day will be the funeral ceremony in an undisclosed cemetery.
Freddy Ramírez, mayor of Concon, where the artist resided, decreed mourning for three days and also announced the proposal to name the communal cultural center after him.
The president of the National Union of Artists (UNA), Mario Rojas, described Manns as “a fundamental father of the new Chilean song. Poet narrator, an essential voice for the living memory of the nation. Consequent to the bone.”
“The art world is left with a deep wound. That will undoubtedly germinate in songs… in all expressions of art. Patrick Manns has not died, he is born into a new dimension of history. It becomes an indelible and permanent symbol. A hero,” he said.
The historian Sergio Grez regretted that he has not received the National Prize for Literature, “but what matters, compared to the recognition of an entire people and the peoples of other countries who recognized in their songs a very significant contribution to Chilean and universal culture, related to the rights of peoples and emancipatory projects.”

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