translated from Spanish: Provoste by migration crisis: “Mass expulsions do not solve the problem if the Government does not have clear control at our border”

Presidential candidate Yasna Provoste (NPS) harshly criticized the government for its handling of the migration crisis that has been registered in the country, given the sustained entry of foreigners irregularly. After the Government reaffirmed that it will continue with the evictions and expulsions of migrants, the senator stressed that “mass expulsions do not solve the problem if the Government does not have a clear control on our border to ensure that those who come to our country are people who effectively face situations of political persecution, of social situation or family reunification. This is a humanitarian task and this government has failed in all aspects of migration policy.”
“It was this President who made an open call for migrants to come to our country, it was this President who came to Cúcuta to tell Venezuelans to come to Chile, and today in images that really overshadow our country, with violence, with the inhuman conditions in which they find themselves in some communes of the north, they cannot be indifferent to anyone,” he said.
“Here the immigration policy has failed, we have told this government that it has to have clarity and severity to protect our borders, for those people who enter they are made a thorough review of their immigration status and health. That he recognizes that he has failed in that and that he accepts international aid to place shelters for those who are entering the country, so that it is not the communes or our neighbors who lose their public spaces,” he added.
Fourth retreat and Carabineros.
On the controversy that has generated that government representatives admitted to having withdrawn a percentage of their pension funds, among whom is the spokeswoman of Sebastián Sichel and former undersecretary, Katherine Martorell, the presidential standard-bearer urged her to give explanations for questioning the parliamentarians of Chile Vamos por + who are in favor of the fourth retirement. “It would be very interesting if Sichel’s spokeswoman, who has threatened parliamentarians to vote in favor of the fourth withdrawal, would give us an explanation,” he said. Provoste reiterated that she is for the fourth retirement “without fine print.”
On his proposal regarding the Carabineros, he explained that, among other things, he seeks to free police personnel from administrative tasks so that they are on the streets, and that a civilian control chosen through Senior Public Management will be installed, for example, in matters of finance, among others.

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