translated from Spanish: The PC presented its candidates for the November parliamentary elections

The Communist Party (PC) presented this Saturday the candidates of the political tent for the parliamentary elections in November. Among the names are the deputy Guillermo Teillier, who is going as a candidate for the Senate, while the deputies Carmen Hertz, Amaro Labra, Karol Cariola and Boris Barrera are going to the re-election.The also president of the party, Guillermo Teillier, said during the presentation that “we will campaign together with social organizations as I have always done as a deputy, but this time the campaign is different, we have to fight for the demands of the people, the popular demands, to remain in the New Constitution.” Teillier added that “if Gabriel Boric wins it will be a difficult period due to budget deficits, very large shortcomings; the pandemic has hit people hard and they need solutions now. We, the parliamentarians together with Boric will do everything to solve that.” For her part, Deputy Camila Vallejo, who will not go to re-election, indicated that “we work and we will continue working so that the next government is that of Apruebo Dignidad. Chile needs a sensitive government, which is capable of moving forward with the people and leaving behind the postponement they have suffered with (Sebastián) Piñera.” Our people continue to fight for dignity now, for 40 hours so that we really work to live and not live to work. For the reproductive rights of women, for the recognition of the domestic work of caregivers,” added the parliamentarian.

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