translated from Spanish: The Premier League: the best league in the world with four pointers

In England, football is a sport with a lot of tradition, and its league, with the name of Football League First Division from 1888 until 1992, when it began to be called Premier League, is one of the most recognized in the world. So much so that many of the world’s fans consider it the best because of the history of its clubs within Europe and the number of important institutions that are part of the tournament. That is why it is not surprising that today, with the teams playing the sixth date of the calendar, four of the biggest clubs in the country are fighting the tournament at the top of the table. And it is that Chelsea, the last European champion, has been making a great tournament, and their direct rivals, Manchester City, Manchester United and Liverpool, accompany this journey deploying the same level of football, which makes this league the same as an exciting fight between two boxers who exchange good blows, but do not get a difference in the points.

Today, Saturday, Chelsea hosted Manchester City in what was a cross strategically won by Pep Guardiola, technical director of the visitor, to Tomas Tuchel, the coach of the ‘Blues’. It is that Pep’s team prevailed from the beginning, in revenge of the last Champions League final lost to Tuchel’s team, when they were overwhelmed and the lack of an area nine was noticed. But on this occasion, the pressure exerted from the zero minute was essential for the citizens to score and, by insistence, the goal came at the beginning of the second half of the game when in the 53rd minute, a short corner referred the ball to Joao Cancelo, who pointed and took an inefficient shot. Gabriel Jesus, who waited like a hunter inside the area for the right moment, took advantage of his teammate’s shot as a pass, turned around and hit the goal in a way that the ball, deflected by one of the defenders, complicated Mendy and managed to enter the goal. City celebrated this goal in a sustained cry that served as a relief in front of the thorn of the last international final in Europe and thus managed to take away the unbeaten guardiola’s in the league. But this Saturday also featured the match of another of the leaders, as Cristiano Ronaldo’s Manchester United faced Aston Villa, in which Emiliano Martínez, the Argentine goalkeeper champion of America, started. The first half at Old Trafford was stable, with moments of dominance for both teams, with United better in the first stretch, but with their rivals finding a way to impose themselves little by little. But in the second half, the Red Devils could not give rise and ended up taking a surprise about the end of the game, when in the 88th minute of the game, Douglas Luiz executed a corner kick that fell exactly on the head of Kortney Hause and he gave the goal to Birmingham. And five minutes later, on the last play of the game, Hause concedes an unusual penalty to his rivals by touching the ball with his hand inside his area and almost goes from being the hero of the day to darkening the game for his own team. So dibu Martinez also went on to take center stage and again with his tricks, intimidated Cristiano to kick the penalty, but the Portuguese let his teammate Bruno Fernandes, in charge of the shots from that position, execute the shot, which was diverted to the rostrum, as at that same moment the illusions of those led by Ole Gunnar Solskjær to tie the game. 

This just happened at Manchester United 0 – Aston Villa 1. Penalty for United on the last play. Protagonists? CR7, Bruno Fernandes and… Dibu Martinez. — VarskySports (@VarskySports)
September 25, 2021

In this way, Manchester United could not take advantage of the fall of Chelsea and the table was like this: the three leading teams of the table that played today tie on thirteen points and next to them is Liverpool with the same amount, which will play today at 13:30 hours of Argentina against Brentford, tenth in the positions.

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