translated from Spanish: A defendant accused of carrying out a virtual kidnapping for 38 thousand dollars is arrested

A man from the gypsy community was arrested on charges of extorting money from a woman from the Buenos Aires town of San Isidro who paid $38,000 in ransom for the “virtual” kidnapping of her daughter and granddaughter, who were never held captive, police sources said today. The accused, identified by the Police as Jonathan Cristian Svanovek (39), was arrested last Thursday when he was driving on board Citroën Xsara gray on the General Paz highway, with his brother-in-law and heading to the town of Vicente López.According to the sources, at the height of Panamericana, the suspect, who was already wanted by the investigations, he was located by the Digital Ring Patent Monitoring Center of the City Police, so an operation was carried out in conjunction with the Departmental Investigations Division (DDI) of San Isidro to arrest him along with his companion. According to the spokesmen, Svanovek was being investigated for the crime of extortion against a woman who paid $ 38,000 for the ransom for the “virtual” kidnapping of her daughter and granddaughter. It is that on September 8 at noon, the victim received a call from a man and a woman who told him that they had their daughter and granddaughter kidnapped. At that time, the victim collected about 38 thousand dollars in a bag and deposited them in front of his home on Don Bosco Street at 1800, in the Las Lomas neighborhood of San Isidro.La investigation, in charge of the Complex Crimes Cabinet of the DDI San Isidro, determined that a man went to look for the money and escaped aboard a gray Citroën Xsara. The fact was recorded by a private security camera, so the investigations began the work to identify the vehicle. After the two men who were in the suspect car were apprehended, the prosecutor Esteban Álvarez, of the Correctional Area of the San Isidro prosecutor’s office, with the endorsement of the Court of Guarantees 1 of the same judicial department, issued three search warrants to find other possible responsible for the extortion. Of the three proceedings, two in homes in the City of Buenos Aires and the rest in the town of Ciudadela, Tres de Febrero party, two LED televisions, a PlayStation, one LCD, four paintings, appliances and documentation of different vehicles, including purchase and sale tickets, were seized. In addition, the sum of 5,630 pesos in cash, two Iphone cell phones, jewelry, a gold ring with a stone in part black black, four golden chains with charms and a pair of aritos of the same color were seized. Meanwhile, at the ciudadela home, a woman, Svanovek’s sister, was apprehended, who was later released along with the man who accompanied the defendant in the car, both for lack of merit. For his part, Svanovek was charged with the crime of extortion.

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