translated from Spanish: An avalanche on a glacier in Patagonia surprised a group of tourists

The Upsala is the third largest glacier in the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, shared by Argentina and Chile. Last May, NASA had released images of the ice mass taken from space and had warned that “like most other glaciers in the region, it experienced significant retreat over the past century.” According to the information released by the IANIGLA (Argentine Institute of Nivology, Glaciology and Environmental Sciences) within the framework of the National Glacier Inventory, between 2000 and 2012 the Uppsala front lost almost 200 meters thick as a result of the increase in global temperature. Last Friday, an avalanche on a glacier in Patagonia surprised a group of tourists who were touring the mountain range and could observe, at a good distance, the detachment of large masses of ice.
Large pieces of ice broke off from the highest area of the glacier and caused an avalanche that could be seen by a group of tourists who were sailing Lake Argentino aboard a catamaran. Upon seeing the scene, one of the passengers of the boat warned the rest to the cry of “avalanche”, so the scene could be captured in images by several of them, including a photographer of the tourist company, the same one who months ago had portrayed a puma climbed on an iceberg in the middle of Lake Argentino.The photos of Luis Alejandro Acharez managed to capture the moments in which the detachment of the ice occurred. of the Upsala Glacier.

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