translated from Spanish: Carabineros dismisses official who assaulted constituent Tiare Aguilera in the middle of his arrest

Key was a video disseminated by social networks, which showed the process of arrest of the Constituent Rapa Nui, Tiare Aguilera Hey, in the commune of Ñuñoa. In the registry appears a Carabineros official who tried to hold the conventional who tried to approach her apartment where her 4-year-old son was. As she tried to get away from the police vehicle, a second police officer appeared on the scene, taking her by the neck and moving her back into the car.
Based on this background that was added to the investigation that the institution was carrying out for a complaint that Tiare Aguilera herself had already made, Carabineros determined to dismiss the official involved. This was reported by Carabineros General Jean Camus, head of the Santiago East Zone. “Carabineros has developed an investigation in dependencies of the Santiago Oriente prefecture, and in light of the new antecedents emerged as a result of images published on social networks, it has made the determination to dismiss from the ranks of the institution the official involved in the aggression. Improper conduct that the institution does not tolerate or accept,” he stressed.
The first version of carabineros reported an arrest for domestic violence, where the constituent assembly would have broken a screen of the building. Tiare Aguilera herself, in her social networks, denied that version and assured that she had stayed outside her apartment without keys and with her phone without a battery, after verbally arguing with her partner. She said she tried to struggle with the door so she could go see her 4-year-old son who was sleeping inside when she was arrested by Carabineros. In that same publication, the constituent assembly denounced mistreatment by police personnel and the scene of aggression by the carabinero.

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