translated from Spanish: Milei: “A formula with Patricia Bullrich in 2023 is not ruled out”

The candidate for deputy for the City of Buenos Aires, Javier Milei, said that “a formula with Patricia Bullrich in 2023 is not ruled out.” When I draw the line of the Social Democrats, I see it in my yard. I have affinities with her. It is not ruled out because of the ideological affinity we have. I value him that he is going straight ahead and does not lie, it is difficult to find that in this area,” Milei said when asked by the president of the PRO, in an interview with El Diario AR. The dividing line is social democracy,” the economist argued about his affinity with the former minister. “On the other side are the liberals, libertarians, the new right, the conservatives, the republican Peronism, the Menemists and the hawks of Juntos. That’s the dividing line. But let it be clear. This is my product: you buy it or not. There are armed that are an inconsistent mix,” he said.
Asked about the election results he reaped in the southern part of the city, Milei replied: “Liberalism was created to liberate the oppressed from the tyrant monarch. The political caste was transformed into that. We have a failed republic. And the most punished are the most vulnerable.”

In this sense, the candidate considered that “the management of the pandemic and the economy” of the Government of Alberto Fernández was “a disaster”. “The most sensitive organ is the pocket. That’s why liberalism hit. When we explain the story, our story is consistent, we don’t appeal to feelings,” he said.
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