translated from Spanish: Russian attack leaves at least 11 pro-Turkish militants dead in Syria

At least eleven pro-Turkish fighters were killed on Sunday in an airstrike allegedly carried out by Russian aircraft on a school that pro-Turkish militants used as a barracks in the Afrin area of northwestern Syria, the Syrian Observatory for Humanos.De Rights said, according to the NGO, which is based in the United Kingdom but has a network of collaborators on the ground. another 13 people were injured, some of whom are in critical condition, while most of the dead come from Eastern Ghouta and other rural areas near the Syrian capital. The bombing by Russia, Damascus’ main ally, targeted a school that the Turkish-linked Al Hamza division used as its headquarters and barracks in the village of Barad, near Afrin and in the northwest of Alepo.La NGO said rescue teams are working to find those who were buried under the rubble after the airstrike, adding that “the death toll deadly could increase.” The Syrian town of Afrin is controlled by Turkish forces and their allied factions and they are fighting syrian Kurdish militias, which had to ally with the government army in the face of the Turkish advance and now the three sides control different but neighboring parts of syria’s northern regions. occurs within the framework of “a Russian escalation” against the “Operation Olive Branch” area.

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